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This page has a few different collections of podcasts that may be of interest for different reasons.

Audio Fiction Trailers
A "compilation" RSS feed collating a lot of trailers for new fiction podcasts and audio dramas.

The 12 newest shows in the database.

Monthly releases
My monthly release lists.

Shows that released on a particular date.

Shows that haven't started yet.


Some of the more common genres of show. Or you can Search for these with more complete filtering.

Actual Play
All the TTRPGs


Crime & Mystery

Wizards and dragons.

Everything spooky.

Science Fiction
Robots and spaceships.

Miscellaneous collections

Cataloguer's recommendations
Some of my personal favourites.

To Listen
Shows that I thought sounded enticing when I was adding them to the library, but haven't properly listened to yet.

Podcasts for new listeners
A collection of podcasts generally well received and that were impactful on the scene. An attempt to build the "canon" of fiction podcasts.

Cool Audio Theatre (CAT) Podcast Awards
A shortlist of podcasts each year (maybe) that I choose, which are then judged by an impartial judge.

Crowdfunding podcasts
Shows currently trying to get funding together.

Six random podcasts from the database.

Yearly collections: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019.

External collections / Audio Drama Directory
The original directory, and one of the major inspirations for this.

French audio fiction
Another collector of audio fiction.

Italian audio fiction
Another collector of audio fiction.